A detailed planning process is the best way to establish financial security. Once we get to know you, we can build a comprehensive and detailed plan that will address your immediate financial needs while making adjustments along the way to ensure financial independence down the road. We are in this for the long term so let us take the lead.

So what are the steps?


Introductory Meeting

This is the first step in establishing a meaningful client/advisor relationship. In this phase, we will identify your goals, priorities, objectives as well as potential obstacles. Along with this, we will mutually establish what your expectations are for us and whether an ongoing relationship makes sense and will be a good fit for everyone involved.


Research Phase

Based off the information obtained in the introductory meeting, we now want to take a deeper dive into your specific situation. During this phase, we can begin to design the preliminary roadmap while engaging in more comprehensive discussions about your financial and investment objectives. The more open this phase is, the more detailed our plan can be.


Plan Implementation

This is the phase in which we put the plan in motion. Based on previous conversations and discussions, we can implement an easy to follow blueprint that will lead you towards successfully reaching your financial goals. We will specifically address the areas of greatest importance: retirement planning/savings, asset allocation design and implementation, risk management, insurance, college education planning and estate planning.


Ongoing Oversight and Advice

Your priorities and goals will inevitably change through time which is why we will be there to help proactively make those adjustments to your plan. We embrace change and as your life circumstances warrant a different approach to your financial plan, we will be there to help guide you through those transitions.